Integrated Management System

SRAC și IQNet certifies ELECTROMONTAJ S.A. for the fields of activities:
Designs, engineering and installation, rehabilitation of electric power transmission overhead lines and underground cables, optic fibre networks, electric substations 0.4 – 750 kV, buildings, electrical installations, power distribution systems, testing of power equipment and installations, dyeing works, deforestation
Electromontaj S.A. has implemented and maintains the following:
Quality Management System, Certificate SR EN ISO 9001-2015

Occupational Health and Safety Management System, Certificate SR OHSAS 18001-2008

Environmental Management System, Certificate SR EN ISO 14001-2015

Information Security Management System, Certificate 27001-2013 &#8211


Declaration on Policy of the IMS of ELECTROMONTAJ S.A. 2018
Field of Application of the IMS 2018