EMFOR Montaj S.A.

EMFOR MONTAJ S.A. is a Romanian joint stock fully private company with registered capital of 1.904.700 RON, being registered with The Trade Register under no.J40/3319/2000 in Bucharest.

EMFOR MONTAJ S.A. is specialized in civil engineering works like classic and bored piles foundations, soil investigations and construction of exploitation roads.

The company started in Romania in year 2000, and since the very beginning the company has executed many works even abroad in Qatar, Jordan, Cyprus and UAE.

In the field of the civil engineering, EMFOR is executing the following type of works:

  • Treatment and improvement of the ground for foundations constituted from compressible soils, from losses or from liquefiable granular residues by applying different technologies;
  • Foundation lands consolidation of the natural versants and of the artificial banks by active and passive tension rods;
  • Draining of the foundation lands, of the natural versants and of the artificial banks by bore-holes of different inclinations and properly equipped;
  • Consolidation of the natural versants and of the artificial banks by using the combined technologies of injection, draining and anchoring;
  • Special foundations (mini pilots, pilots ,columns achieved by drilling and filled up with concrete, with a combination of earth, lime and cement, sand and gravel) ;
  • Inclined bores necessary for the pilots or anchors execution;
  • Horizontal directional drills for threading the utilities.

All the works executed by EMFOR find their application in the whole construction field, especially to the roads and railways construction, civil and hydro technical constructions and constructions for water supply.

The execution of such kind of works, generally hidden and of high technicality is done by qualified specialists, with great experience in the field together with well qualified technicians and workers, drillers-injectors and mechanics.

EMFOR activity, irrespective of the type of work, is based mainly on the bore-holes, in other words it means that the efficiency of the executed works is defined by the owned drilling equipment.

EMFOR drilling equipment is of high productivity, produced by specialized companies, with tradition like BAUER Maschinen GmbH, Klem, Hutte, Vermeer.

Construction of OHL 400kV, high voltage power link Romania-Serbia, between Resita (RO)- Pancevo (SRB), total of 15500 m bored pile foundations of 1000mm diameter.

Vermeer Navigator horizontal directional drilling equipment helps threading the utilities for modern infrastructure. The D16x20 Series II, brings performance to a wide range of bores.

Emfor Montaj is part of  Electromontaj S.A. Holding, which has its own fleet of transport trucks among them we can remark the new 140 tons Volvo FH16 700, together with Faymonville trailer. Heavy drilling equipment can get in no time wherever it is needed to help building the high voltage lines, or other constructions where EMFOR or Electromontaj are involved.