ELECTROMONTAJ S.A. Bucharest is an international construction company, specialized in building and maintaining power lines, as well as substations for the power supply.

Based in Romania, having over 60 years experience, ELECTROMONTAJ takes pride in the execution and completion of various turn-key projects in Romania and abroad in the most difficult areas of the world: mountains, through the high sandy dunes or river and marsh crossings.

Completed projects

Underground cables

70,000 KM of 1 ÷ 132 kV underground cables

Overhead lines 132 kV

240,000 KM of 20 ÷ 132 kV overhead lines

Overhead lines 400 kV

11,000 KM of 220 ÷ 400 kV overhead lines

Substations up to 63 kV

65,000 substations up to 63 kV

Substations up to 400kV

70 substations of 220 ÷ 400 kV

Our permanent foreign subsidiaries in Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Peru, where around 450 specialists are working, are continually improving their construction methods and working techniques.

The use of high-capacity cranes, helicopters and the most modern equipment for conductor stringing has reduced the cost of our projects as well as the execution deadlines, ensuring that at the same time we have adopted and ensure safe working conditions for people and the environment in all our sites.

Products and Services

The excellent reputation of our company was achieved by continuously promoting the policy of satisfying the demands of our clients with the best practical solutions in a great variety of projects:

Overhead lines

Overhead transmission lines up to 750 kV, 110 kV underground cables, transformer posts and substations.

High voltage towers

High Voltage Tower Design: Prototype Design, Detailing, Manufacturing, Assembling and Testing.

Special works

Construction of buildings, stations, classical and forged foundations and horizontal guided subtractions

Manufacture and supply

Quantity production of metallic structures, galvanizing


  • Overhead lines or in medium voltage cable.

  • Overhead lines or in low voltage cable.

  • Electric lines for city transport by tramway and trolleybuses.

  • Electrification of railways.

  • City and stadium lighting.

  • Instalation of transportation systems for tourism – ropeways and gondolas.

  • Construction of micro-hydroelectric power plants.

  • Installation of wind turbines.

Electromontaj has its own factory for hot dip galvanized steel towers, thus we can design, test and mass production for any type of steel structure for over head lines or for substations from 0,4 to 750 KV.

Original designs of steel towers and structures made by our Design and Engineering Department use the most advanced computing solutions and techniques in this highly specialized field.

In 2014, to the list of services offered by Electromontaj S.A. was added the towers mechanical full scale testing. The Tower Testing Station, the largest in Europe, is located in Bucharest, in the immediate vicinity of the Tower Plant, so it is possible to assemble the prototype of the tower and to change or replace in a very short time any metal part that might fail during the test.

Electromontaj SA is a private company and works as a Holding consisting of subunits with different profiles in respect of the constitutive act and being structured in 3 divisions with 6 branches in the country, of which two factories and 4 branches abroad. It is a majority shareholder in the companies: CONFIDENT INVEST Bucharest SA, S.C. EMFOR MONTAJ S.A and owns the control package of IPROEB S.A. Bistrita the largest manufacturer of medium and high voltage conductors and cables in Romania.