Products and Services

Through its organization and staff, ELECTROMONTAJ S.A. covers all the activities involved in the implementation of turn-key projects: tendering, engineering, commercial, design, fabrication, erection, commissioning.

Today ELECTROMONTAJ S.A. offers to its customers all over the world complete range of activities consisting of:

I. Turn-key projects for:

- Overhead transmission lines up to 750 kV

Electromontaj S.A. Bucharest is one of the most experienced designers of power lines and manufacturers of towers for voltages from 11 kV to 750 kV.

Electromontaj S.A. Bucharest has the capability to execute both the basic and the detail design of the towers due to its highly experienced design team and also the prototype and mechanical tests for any loads required by the project.

Towers are manufactured on fully automatic CNC lines, galvanized and packed according to international standards and the requirements of the customer; and delivered at the place requested by the customer as per Incoterms 2000.

- Substations up to 750 kV

Colligating together the applied up-to-date technologies, the logistics and high quality endowments and enjoying highly qualified personnel with the achievements of an impressive volume under the conditions included in the authorizations and certificates obtained so far, ELECTROMONTAJ S.A is your reliable partner for performance of turn key jobs and any services such as:

  • Substations up to 750kV
  • Electrical works: installation of equipment, transformers, control panels, protection, telecommunications and SCADA.
  • Mechanical works: gantries and other support structures
  • Civil works: equipment foundations, cable trenches, buildings
  • Relocation of transformers from one substation to another
  • Measurements and tests of all types - View list

- Underground cables up to 400 kV

- Rural electrification networks

- Urban public works (lighting, catenaries)

- Low power hydro-plants

- Wind power plants

II. Consulting, engineering, design, technical investigations and studies, technical assistance and supervising.

Through its specialized personnel, ELECTROMONTAJ S.A offers a large range of export activities: the supplies of equipment, studies, designs, consulting, developing of computer programs, construction erection works, technical assistance, turn-key projects and can be your partner as main contractor or subcontractor.

III. Special works:

- Full scale load tests on tower prototypes

ELECTROMONTAJ Testing Station is located in Bucharest in the very neighbourhood of ELECTROMONTAJ Tower Factory.

Vertical, longitudinal, transversal and wind loads are applied by steel ropes, pulled by electrical winches at low constant speed. A maximum of 66 loads can be simultaneously exerted and measured.

The loads are applied to the tested tower independently, managed from control room by SCADA, where the Witness team can follow “on-line” the test.

The Testing Station is capable to do design tests for giant and multi-circuit towers with 80 m height, 35 x 35 m base, 800 t compression load and 730 t tension load.

The DESIGN and SAMPLE tests are performed in accordance to IEC Standard 60652: 2002 LOADING TESTS ON OVERHEAD LINE STRUCTURES at FULL SCALE.


- Variable Oil Purification System

The so called online treatment (treating/purifying of the oil of an energized transformer) is mainly used in regions with high air humidity and high net capacity load utilization.

After a short installation time, wherein the transformer is disconnected from the net for installation of the oil treatment plant, the transformer can be reconnected with the net. The oil is continuously treated while the transformer is in normal operation.


- OHTL Emergency Restoration System

Electromontaj S.A. provides everything is necessary for the provisional closure of the circuit in the damaged area and then the reconstruction or repair of the line.

The system has been used many times in Transelectrica networks, Electrica and NEPCO (Jordan).

The temporary towers were designed, tested and approved by Electromontaj in 2001, the system offering a substantial advantage to the customer through the rapid restoration of the damaged zone.

Since 2002, Electromontaj S.A. has its own emergency restoration system for the possible failures of the 110-400 kV OHL networks, unique in Romania, using intervention poles.


- Classical and drilled foundations, soil investigation and survey works

EMFOR MONTAJ S.A. is specialized in civil engineering works like classic and bored piles foundations, soil investigations and construction of exploitation roads.

MFOR MONTAJ S.A. is a Romanian joint stock fully private company with registered capital of 1.904.700 RON, being registered with The Trade Register under no.J40/3319/2000 in Bucharest.

EMFOR MONTAJ S.A. is specialized in civil engineering works like classic and bored piles foundations, soil investigations and construction of exploitation roads.

The company started in Romania in year 2000, and since the very beginning the company has executed many works even abroad in Qatar, Jordan, Cyprus and UAE.

EMFOR Informations

- Engineering studies and design works

- Technical assistance and supervision of site works

- Tests on commissioning

- Training courses

IV. Manufacture and supply of:

ELECTROMONTAJ S.A has its own factories for the supply of galvanized steel towers, galvanized steel structures for substations and clamps and fittings for electric lines and substations.

- Hot dip galvanized steel towers for transmission lines

The factory located in Bucharest has a total manufacturing capacity of 20,000 tones per year. It produces mainly galvanized lattice towers for transmission lines as well as gantries and supports for substations.

The manufacturing facilities are based on three main halls for cutting and punching of the material and for hot dip galvanization.The cutting lines are equipped with the computerized FICEP machines (Italian origin), Vernet-Behringer (France) and similar computerized machines for plates cutting and punching. The complete galvanization facilities (with washing, cleaning, pickling, fluxing, passivation, preheating baths etc.) also include special ventilation systems automatic control of the bath temperature during processing.

- Clamps and fittings for transmission lines and substations

The factory in Câmpina, established in 1984, has a yearly production of 750 tones of tools, devices and equipment specific to high voltage, materialized in over 890 products grouped in 22 classes.


- Steel structures for substations and industrial projects

- IPROEB Products