Measurements and tests

Authorized tests
IAE – Electrical equipement and switchgear
Determination of the absorption coefficient and the polarization index
Performing tests with increased alternating voltage
Performing tests with increased continuous voltage
Testing for electrical cables with nominal voltage 1-35kV
Insulation resistance measurements
Ohmic resistance measurements
Tests of electrical protection devices
Measurements specific to earthing pits
Raising of the idle test feature and the V-A curve
Verification of secondary AAR circuits
Verification of secondary signaling circuits
Verification of atmospheric overvoltage protection
Verification of oil seal of the transformer and the connecting pipes tilt between the transformer and the transformer cover
Functional check of operated actuators of the primary switch
Verification of bolt joints – Collector bars
Verification of synchronization system
Verification of integrity of supply loops, secondary circuits
Verification of the polarity of the winders
Verification of Minimum Power Supply Protection
Verification of transformer transformation ratio
Verification of dielectric rigidity of electric oils
Verification of drive times, closing, opening, non-touching and phase separation of switches