Emergency Restoration System for Power Transmission Networks

The temporary towers were designed, tested and approved by Electromontaj in 2001, the system offering a substantial advantage to the customer through the rapid restoration of the damaged zone.

Since 2002, Electromontaj S.A. has its own emergency restoration system for the possible failures of the 110-400 kV OHL networks, unique in Romania, using temporary towers.

Suspension and Angle temporary towers have been specially designed, tested and approved by Electromontaj SA Bucharest in 2001 for a contract with Transelectrica regarding emergency interventions.

The system offers a substantial advantage to the customer through the rapid commissioning of the damaged area.

The temporary towers are mounted on temporary foundations that do not require excavation works and are anchored with buried anchors. Depending on the profile of the damaged area and taking into account the fields of use of the towers, a project is drafted by Electromontaj.

Electromontaj S.A. provides everything is necessary for the provisional closure of the circuit in the damaged area and then the reconstruction or repair of the line.

In case of an interim of a power line, the customer's responsibility is only to:

  • Obtaining agreements of property owners in the damaged area
  • Rewarding the owner for the temporarily occupied land and access roads used
  • Obtaining any authorizations and permits requested by the authorities in the area

In Romania, the restoration system was used almost every year on the Transelectrica or Electrica lines, the last major failure was in 2016, in the Iernut area, but they were successfully used in the interim of NEPCO 400kV Aqaba Amman South OHL failure in March 2010, in Jordan.