ELECTROMONTAJ S.A is a Romanian joint stock company acting as specialized main contractor for turn-key projects of transmission and distribution of electric power.

Since its establishment in 1949, the main concern of ELECTROMONTAJ S.A was to continuously increase the quality standards of its activity, to the full satisfaction of its Clients. The volume of works increased steadly and the range of activity grew wider year after year.

Along the 68 years of activity, a huge number of projects have been completed, amounting:

– 70,000 km of 1 ÷ 132 kV underground cables View all projects

– 240,000 km of 20 ÷ 132 kV overhead lines View all projects

– 11,000 km of 220 ÷ 400 kV overhead transmission linesView all projects

– 154 km of 750 kV overhead transmission lines View all projects

– 65,000 substations up to 63 kV View all projects

– 900 substations of 132 kV View all projects

– 70 substations of 220 ÷ 400 kV View all projects

– 1 substation of 750 kV View all projects