About Us

The Company

Electromontaj SA is a closed-end joint-stock company operating in accordance with Romanian law.

It is the largest constructor of high voltage power networks in Romania and one of the most important players in this field in the Middle East and North Africa.

Electromontaj SA has no formally concluded strategic alliances with other companies.

It promotes products – conductors, cables, insulators – of SC Iproeb SA Bistrita, a public company, listed on the MTF of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), holding a controlling stake (33%).

Also, given the notoriety and good reputation of the Company, it is often invited to participate in strategic powerline auctions both in Romania and the Middle East.

In most projects, given the ability to deliver the entire package of products and services, Electromontaj participates individually on the auctions.

Company Brief

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Electromontaj SA Romania continues to offer turnkey solutions on global level for the construction and installation of high-voltage power lines and to maintain the reputation gained over decades in Romania and Middle East and to expand its activities on other markets.

Electromontaj SA aims mainly to make pioneering power lines in highly diversified geographical areas where know-how and experience can make a difference between builders.


Turnkey of power lines projects from medium voltage to 750 kV; Installation of underground conductors and cables, ropeways, cable cars and ski lifts installations, wind farm constructions along with lines and substations for power evacuation, real scale mechanical tower testing.


The basic principle of the marketing mechanisms used is the “Electromontaj” brand and its notoriety, maintained through the works performed perfectly, without penalties, arbitrations or processes in the relationship with the beneficiaries.

Products and Services

The main source of revenue for the company is the design, construction and installation of high voltage power lines along with the substations.

In terms of products, Electromontaj SA produces and sells:

  • Galvanized metal towers, other welded or bolted metal structures;
  • Clamps and fittings for conductor clamping chains;
  • Electromontaj SA has an informal privileged partnership with Iproeb SA, from which it acquires electric cables, conductor and insulators
  • In 2014, the list of services was completed by the construction of the Tower Testing Station in Bucharest, the largest in Europe.

Research and development

The company develops electrical line projects, including the design of the towers and substations, where the beneficiary requests these services.

The design of the towers often brings economically optimized solutions in terms of strength and weight, thus lowering investment costs of the beneficiary.

Management team

The management team is made up entirely of people over 20 years of experience in construction and installation in the energetic field, many of them starting their careers even to Electromontaj SA, promoting over time in the company hierarchy.

Personnel Policy

Company Electromontaj S.A. Bucharest has been continuously focused on the strategy of training its personnel as well as on assuring optimum working and living conditions for them. Qualified training courses for electricians are carried out every year. In 2016, 60 people were qualified in electrical engineering and 10 workers were qualified in the electrical installation and repair of overhead transmission lines for high voltage. The certificates are in accordance with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health standards.

ELECTROMONTAJ S.A. has permanently about 1500 employees out of which 135 are engineers.

ELECTROMONTAJ S.A. has a design department which covers the design and engineering activities for all projects.

Most of the employees are authorized and trained in the field of electric lines and substations, as well as for works in electric installations with voltages between 0.4 up to 750 kV.

The modernization by high performance technologies and equipment has contributed to the decrease in personnel number. However, the permanent enhancement of the company's turnover will certainly result in preserving or even increasing the present number of Electromontaj employees.

ELECTROMONTAJ S.A. average turnover over the last 3 years is 69 mil EUR, with a peak of 91 mil EUR for 2015, and a good profit suitable to assure financial resources for new investments and the payment of dividends for shareholders.